About Me

About Me In The 21st Century:

Name: Tim L. Jarvis

Hometown: Herrin, IL

Family: Wife Mary and two children Alayna & Jacob

Memberships: National Rifle Association, National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Contemporary Longrifle Association

I grew up in an old southern coal mining and farm town with a population of about 300 in a good year.  I became involved in fishing and hunting at a very young age, but I didn’t shoot my first flintlock muzzleloader until the year 1997.  I was hooked from day one!

Having always been a history buff, my new found love for flintlock muzzleloaders made me become a student of 18th century history.  I decided to expand my love of history and became involved in living history interpretation and historical trekking.

Even though I primarily attend French & Indian War events, which is where my passion is, I have attended Revolutionary War and War of 1812 events.  My portrayal is of an eastern woodland Indian (Kaskaskia of the Illinois Confederacy) named Ninchwi Nanaimata or “Two Hawks.”  

I have had the honor of modeling for artists Andrew Knez Jr., John Buxton, Bryant White, Pamela Patrick White, Dave Hasler, and Steve White on multiple occasions.  I highly recommend you check out their remarkable oil paintings.  Some of the work I have been in is listed in the “Oil Paintings” section of this site.  I have also had the honor of being filmed for two different documentaries.  The most recent being for the upcoming documentary, “Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West.”

I am proud to say that I am an author of two books.  One entitled “Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley” and the other, “The Ferguson Rifle: Could Have Changed The American Revolution.”  Many of my writings that appear on this website have also been published in Muzzleloader Magazine, Journal of the Early Americas, and Muzzle Blasts.

If you attend any of the events that I have listed in my schedule, don’t hesitate to track me down and say hello.  I will gladly share my campfire with you anytime.  Keep the powder dry and God Bless.

Joe Ciferno18th Century Persona:

Nipekigwachiha.  Wiaghiteheba ninewa iani.  Niwinswa Ninchwi Nanaimata. 

As my French father would say: Bonjour, comment allez-vous?  Je suis très heureux de faire votre connaissance.  Je m’appelle Deux Faucons.

Hello, how are you?  It is a pleasure to meet you.  My name is Two Hawks.

I, Two Hawks, was born into the Algonquian-speaking Michigamea (Mitchigamea) people on the 26th day of June 1728.  As a child, I often traveled (trespassed) onto Shawnee lands to hunt their deer.  The Shawnee are known for having many quality deer on their lands.  One particular occasion, during my youth, a pair of Red Tail Hawks followed me along my journey, always remaining within eyesight.  This pair of hawks followed me throughout my hunt and back onto my people’s lands.  Thus, I earned the name “Two Hawks.”

The village of my people is located just north of the French Fort DeChartres, which is located near both the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers.  French Jesuit missionaries (Macatecwraita), holy men among the whites, have visited our village multiple times.  They are bringers of the word of God.  They helped my people heal from the sickness called pox.  It is a horrible illness that has taken many of our men, women, and children.  I have too bathed in the water of the white man’s God.

In the summer of 1752, my village was attacked and overwhelmed by a superior number of Sauk, enemies of my French Father.  Although defeated, my brothers Red Jacket, Black Musket, Woodchuck, and I proved to be great warriors of my people.  Due to the various illnesses and warfare, there have been many deaths among my people.  Those remaining, including myself, have been absorbed into our neighboring tribe, the Kaskaskia.

In the fall of 1753, I became married to a white woman.  Due to her fear of storms, she has been given the name “Afraid Of Storms.”  Her English name is “Mary.”  Mary was taken captive from her family on the frontier by the Shawnee and later traded to my people.  She has since been given the opportunity to re-join her white family, but has chosen to remain with the Kaskaskia.  We have two children (daughter & son).  My daughter Speaks With Owls looks like her mother, but has my personality.  She has developed the ability to “hoot” or speak with the owls of the forest, thus earning her name.  My son Whirlwind is very active and always full of energy.

We are now at war with the English as they continue to trespass on Indian grounds.  The English have built forts on land that is shared by our fellow red man and our French Fathers.  Our council fires are burning hot and the war song is being sung.  These transgressions by the English must not be allowed to continue.

We have recently met with the great Shawnee war leader Silver Otter.  The Shawnee have been enemies in the past, but Silver Otter shows us no harm, therefore, we will show him none.  Silver Otter says his people have allied with our French Fathers and will be taking the war hatchet to color with blood.  Hopefully we will share the tobacco often and fight together soon.

My brothers that have not succumbed to illness are now traveling east with my French Father to fight the English.  I hope to return with many scalps.  Our children will hear our songs and see our trophies.  Let fear grip the hearts of our English enemies.  Let darkness take the English.  Let this be a warning to all that dare trespass against us.

Nairintchita nicakiwca.

Au revoir!  Bonne route!