Warrior’s Trail currently offers tier level advertising with frequency discounts (listed below).  If you want to reach thousands of unique Warrior’s Trail visitors monthly and potentially drive traffic to your business, then you should be advertising on Warrior’s Trail.

Using statistics from Google Analytics, we can show you why it is important to advertise your business with us.  Contact me at or at the contact me link in the footer section of the site if you are interested in advertising on Warrior’s Trail. 

Your chosen advertisement package begins whenever the advertisement goes live on Warrior’s Trail.

Standard Advertising:  Advertisements will appear near the top of the sidebar and are rotating.  The business url will be attached to each specific advertisement.  (3 months = $150.00, 6 months = $270.00, 12 months = $480.00)

Premium Advertising:  Includes everything in the standard package.  Advertisements will appear in each new post to the site, which are also rotating.  Advertisements also will appear in Warrior’s Trail social media posts. (3 months = $225.00, 6 months = $420.00, 12 months = $780.00)  

Gold Advertising:  Includes everything in the premium package.  Advertisements will also appear in a rotating slider underneath the sites header image.  The business url will be attached to each specific advertisement slider allowing click through to the business home page.  (3 months = $300.00, 6 months = $570.00, 12 months = $1,080.00)

Please provide a company logo in .jpg format along with payment. Logo may be emailed to

Checks may be made payable to:

Tim Jarvis

3401 N. Park Ave

Herrin, IL 62948

or via credit card @

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