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Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley

Shadows In The Forest is written in two parts.  The first part is dedicated to the woodland Indians who called the Mississippi Valley their home for centuries.  Using primary source documentation, author Tim L. Jarvis gives a history of this once great and powerful Algonquian speaking Illinois Confederacy. 

The research and information provided is not meant to be the complete history of the Illinios Nation nor does it conclude the author’s research on the topic.  The author’s goal is to provide a building block for others to pick up where he has left off and continue to garner attention towards a nation that hasn’t received the proper attention that it deserves throughout the course of history.

The second part is dedicated towards conducting a historically accurate portrayal of a non-nation specific woodland Indian.  As a living history interpreter, the author wants to share the knowledge that he has gained through research, along with his personal experiences from over fifteen years of living history reenacting and experimental archaeology, to help you as the reader become a better living history reenactor. The goal is to provide the reader with quality information on how to conduct a more accurate Woodland Indian portrayal.  After reading this book, the author encourages the reader to continue to research, study primary source documentation, and learn more about your specific impression.

“While by no means an exhaustive examination or discussion of woodland culture or living history practices, his work is both a handy historical resource and a practical “how-to” guide that combines the best of both worlds. Anyone interested in eighteenth-century native culture or standards for authentic and accurate historical interpretation will undoubtedly find this book to be a useful addition to their personal library, regardless of whether or not they are a novice or expert historian, a reticent observer or enthusiastic participant in living history interpretation. Tim challenges his readers to use this work as a launching pad to kickstart their own journey into the fascinating world of historical research and interpretation. A project fifteen years in the making, this book will, without a doubt, spark a connection between those who read it and those who lived it in the past.”

-Dr. Elista Istre

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The Ferguson Rifle: Could Have Changed the American Revolution (2nd Ed.)

Signed by the author for $15.00 – includes shipping

From demonstrating his rifle in front of King George III in October, 1776, to his death at the Battle of Kings Mountain, author Tim L. Jarvis tells the story of Patrick Ferguson and his patented breech loading rifle known as the Ferguson Rifle.

The author provides facts, based off of original primary source documentation, as well as his own personal experiences with his own reproduction Ferguson Rifle.  The different theories surrounding the eventual disbandment of the rifle, the rifle’s dominant impact at the Battle of Brandywine Creek, and the potentially fateful encounter Ferguson had with, who he believed to be, General Washington are all included within the chapters of this book.

The Ferguson Rifle is an important, but often untold story that is part of the war that made America.  The author explains why, he believes, the Ferguson Rifle could have had a much larger impact and how it could have changed the American Revolution.

“Some of the best parts of this work are the primary documents that illustrate the significance of this underappreciated firearm.  These include drawings from Ferguson’s original 1776 patent and some of Ferguson’s personal correspondence.  In this modern age when most assume that advancing military technology is the way towards ensuring victory, this work reminds us that such affairs, like history, is always much more contingent.” – Gene Tesdahl (Journal of the Early Americas – Volume II  Issue I)


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  • Two Crows

    Any word yet when Shadows in the Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley
    will be released for sale in 2014?

  • Bill Ruggie

    Tim – I see where the “Shadows in the Forest…….” was available at the CLA last year -will you have any copies this year? thx, Bill R

  • Tim L. Jarvis
    Tim L. Jarvis

    Hi Bill, Sorry I will not be at this year’s CLA show. The timing didn’t work out for me this year. The book can still be obtained directly through me and through Amazon and Barnes & Noble