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Primitive Hunt On Kaskaskia Lands (Journey to the Past) – Warriors Trail 1

It was still pitch black in the dense Illinois forest on this cool, late fall morning as the Kaskaskia hunter moved swiftly and silently through the trees working his way towards a known m8ns8a (whitetail deer) travel route. Every step taken and every breath exhaled was done with precision and skill as to not alert […]

Wool Blankets 1

I often get asked if there is anyone weaving wool blankets that are comparable to CJ Wilde’s blankets, which are no longer in production.  So, I figured I would post a couple of contacts that I am familiar with. Every once in a while, a Wilde blanket will come up for sale, but they are […]

Trekker’s Candle 2

Trekker’s Candle – $5.00 100% Pure Beeswax.  Fits well in your possibles bag, haversack, knapsack, etc…  Can be used as a candle or for waterproofing.  The candle tins are 2 5/8″ in diameter and 7/8″ in depth. Unfortunately, the cheapest I can ship these for is $4.00.  I can ship multiple candles for the same […]

“The Natural Shelter” – Journey To The Past 4

A one-day trek isn’t exactly ideal, but due to other obligations, this particular late November trek was much better than nothing at all.  We chose to explore an area of the Shawnee National Forest that we had previously trekked, but that experience was cut short due to bad weather. My trekking partners for this beautiful […]

“The Turkey Before the Storm” – Trekker’s Journal (Journey to the Past) 2

The rolling hills formed a strenuous path – even for the swiftest of trekkers.  From ridge top to ridge top, we hiked the formidable footpath leading to our destination in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest.  A gentle breeze blew on this cool spring morning, as if to assure us that this weekend’s trek […]

Eastern Woodland Quill Work & Turkey Feather Roaches (Not Documented)

I posted an article back in November about a friend of mine (Dean Pelewa Evans) that is making very nice turkey feather roaches for Native American reenactors.  I  wanted to post the information again since the site has grown considerably since that time. In addition, I wanted to commend Pelewa’s wife (Amanda Evans) for her incomparable quill work that […]

Turkey Wing Bone Call

I know this may be repetitive for some of my readers but since it is spring turkey hunting season in most places, I thought I would share information on how to make your own custom turkey call out of a turkey wing bone.  I have used this method and it works pretty well. There are […]

School Of The Longhunter (16th Annual) 2

The 16th Annual “School of the Longhunter” will be held March 31st through April 3rd at Pricketts Fort located in Fairmont, West Virginia.  The Pricketts Fort Memorial Foundation invites you to join them for a weekend encampment with seminars on longhunter skills for the 18th century interpreter, re-enactor or history enthusiast.  Saturday’s guest speaker will […]

Food For The Trail “Hardtack” 1

I know most of you are probably familiar with the popular trail food, hardtack.  However, I was recently asked if I have ever eaten any, which I have, so I decided to write up a short post about it. Hardtack is basically a type of biscuit or cracker as you can see by the picture. […]