Journey to the Past

Primitive Hunt On Kaskaskia Lands (Journey to the Past) – Warriors Trail 1

It was still pitch black in the dense Illinois forest on this cool, late fall morning as the Kaskaskia hunter moved swiftly and silently through the trees working his way towards a known m8ns8a (whitetail deer) travel route. Every step taken and every breath exhaled was done with precision and skill as to not alert […]

“The Turkey Before the Storm” – Trekker’s Journal (Journey to the Past) 2

The rolling hills formed a strenuous path – even for the swiftest of trekkers.  From ridge top to ridge top, we hiked the formidable footpath leading to our destination in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest.  A gentle breeze blew on this cool spring morning, as if to assure us that this weekend’s trek […]