Mark A. Baker

School Of The Longhunter (16th Annual) 2

The 16th Annual “School of the Longhunter” will be held March 31st through April 3rd at Pricketts Fort located in Fairmont, West Virginia.  The Pricketts Fort Memorial Foundation invites you to join them for a weekend encampment with seminars on longhunter skills for the 18th century interpreter, re-enactor or history enthusiast.  Saturday’s guest speaker will […]

Mike Miller – Rifle Maker 5

Spent the day yesterday with rifle maker, Mike Miller, in his shop in Paducah, Kentucky. Mike was very hospitable and graciously assisted me in working through a dilemma I was experiencing with the building of my rifle. For those of you that do not know Mike, he has been building rifles for over thirty years […]