Raid at Martin’s Station

Shadows In The Forest – Available Now – Warriors Trail

Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley is available now! “While by no means an exhaustive examination or discussion of woodland culture or living history practices, his work is both a handy historical resource and a practical “how-to” guide that combines the best of both worlds. Anyone interested in eighteenth-century native culture […]

Raid At Martins Station – Warriors Trail 2

The 2014 Raid at Martin’s Station was epic as usual.  Got quite a bit of rain Friday and Saturday, but as the saying goes – “who cares, its Martin’s Station!”  Working on an article about the Cumberland Gap that I hope to have published in the near future.   I don’t have to many event […]

2014 Event Schedule

The Event Schedule has been updated with new dates for 2014.  There are some dates that have not been verified as of yet.  If there are any living history events that you would like to see listed, contact me and I will get them added.

Water For The Sentry – by Andrew Knez Jr.

                    “Water For The Sentry” oil painting by Andrew Knez Jr.   Red Jacket (Mitch Falat) and myself posed for this painting at the “Pinnacle Lookout” overlooking the Cumberland Gap.  The original painting will be on display at art shows throughout the country, during the next […]

Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West 2

I recently had the honor of being filmed by Witnessing History, LLC for their upcoming documentary about Daniel Boone titled, “Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West.” My role was to be one of the native warriors that escorted Daniel Boone (Scott New) into our village after being captured. This two hour production is […]

Raid at Martin’s Station 2

Had an oustanding time at Martin’s Station this past weekend.  Met lots of great people and with the exception of Sunday, we had superb weather for the Raid. I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Knez Jr. and John Buxton for future oil paintings.  Also, was filmed for a documentary about Daniel Boone.  Most […]