Two Hawks

Primitive Hunt On Kaskaskia Lands (Journey to the Past) – Warriors Trail 1

It was still pitch black in the dense Illinois forest on this cool, late fall morning as the Kaskaskia hunter moved swiftly and silently through the trees working his way towards a known m8ns8a (whitetail deer) travel route. Every step taken and every breath exhaled was done with precision and skill as to not alert […]

Fort DeChartres – Warrior’s Trail

The 2014 Fort DeChartres Annual Encampment was an absolute great time as usual.  Despite the nearby tornado activity on Saturday evening (that’s two years in a row now!), the weather turned out to be decent.  My wife’s venison stew was terrific as usual!  Everyone in the native village and the surrounding neighbors thoroughly enjoyed it! […]

250th Anniversary of the Battle of Bushy Run

The 250th at Bushy Run was an amazing time.  Met a lot of great people and revisited with many friends.  You can’t beat the comradery during living history events.  Looking forward to traveling to a time past with all of them soon.   I believe we would have made Pontiac and his contingency proud. Photos […]

Les Pays Des Illinois “Colonial Trade Faire and Musket and Rifle Frolic” at Fort DeChartres

My 2013 Fort DeChartres Les Pays Des Illinois “Colonial Trade Faire and Musket and Rifle Frolic” pictures are posted in the photo gallery.  Click here to view them. We had a great event and tremendous weather. 

Water For The Sentry – by Andrew Knez Jr.

                    “Water For The Sentry” oil painting by Andrew Knez Jr.   Red Jacket (Mitch Falat) and myself posed for this painting at the “Pinnacle Lookout” overlooking the Cumberland Gap.  The original painting will be on display at art shows throughout the country, during the next […]

2012 – Fort DeChartres Annual Encampment

Fort DeChartres 2012 photos have been posted in the Photo Gallery.  Hope you enjoy. Those of you that didn’t join us last weekend for the annual encampment at Fort DeChartres missed an amazing event.  It was the best weather I have ever experienced, for this event, in the many years I have been attending. The […]

“The Turkey Before the Storm” – Trekker’s Journal (Journey to the Past) 2

The rolling hills formed a strenuous path – even for the swiftest of trekkers.  From ridge top to ridge top, we hiked the formidable footpath leading to our destination in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest.  A gentle breeze blew on this cool spring morning, as if to assure us that this weekend’s trek […]