Clearwater Hats “The Finest Name In Historical Hats”

Photo courtesy of Clearwater Hats

Using original equipment, Clearwater Hats maintains the highest standards with their hand made hats.

Clearwater Hats make several different styles of hats from different eras but the hats I am most interested in are the “Longhunter” and the tricorn featuring an English style, French style and “Fancy” design. 

The “Longhunter” is patterned after the early American woodsman.  With only a 3 1/2 inch crown and a 4 inch wide brim, this design offers a period correct alternative to the tricorn.  Either side of the hat can be cocked at the buyers request at no extra cost.  The “Longhunter” is available in black, pecan and coffee colors and sells for $100.00. 

As previously mentioned, the tricorn (cocked hat) offered by Clearwater Hats comes in  Fancy, French and English designs.  These high brimmed hats are designed after originals that were the dominate style for over 100 years.  The “Fancy” is offered for $325.00 and the “French” & “English” designs are offered for $120.00.

Clearwater Hats have been featured in movies such as The Patriot, Cold Mountain, 3:10 To Yuma and National Treasure.  The company has done extensive research on their hats and their work has been rewarded by being featured in multiple museums and historic sites including: The Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, Henry Ford Museum, Grand Portage National Monument and others. 

If you are interested in any of the hats offered by Clearwater Hats, they can be reached at their shop in Arkansas by calling 870-615-0555 or on their website by clicking here.

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