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My personal blanket woven by CJ Wilde

Do you own a Wilde Weavery blanket?  If you answered no, then why not?  Unfortunately, unless you can find an individual selling theirs, I think you are to late.

I first learned of Mrs. CJ Wilde’s hand woven blankets while watching Mark A. Baker’s DVD series,”Pioneering: The Longhunter Series”.  Mr. Baker makes reference in the video to his personal Wilde blanket.  Then, while visiting the annual winter rendezvous at Fort De Chartres in 2007, I had the pleasure of seeing CJ’s work up close and personal.  Mr. Ed Wilde had several of CJ’s blankets on display as well as numerous other items the Wilde’s make and offer for sale.

Now, for those of you that do not know me, I am a bit of a blanket guru.  For several years, I would buy a blanket at practically every rendezvous I attended.  That was until I handled one of the Wilde blankets.  The level of crafstmanship in each blanket was far superior then any other that I own.  However, I elected to not purchase a blanket at the event due to the cost being a little more then I was willing to pay.

After the event, I started doing a little research on the Wilde blanket which of course made my desire to own one that much more.  I learned that CJ studied under a master weaver from Scotland who specialized in 18th century reproductions.  The Wilde’s have studied and researched many original pieces and have been reproducing these originals for 25 years.

As soon as my wife and I decided that we would be attending the 2009 annual winter rendezvous at Fort De Chartres, purchasing a Wilde blanket became my priority.  As luck would have it, Ed Wilde was there with a good supply of blankets.  After much deliberation as well as some drooling, I decided on the blanket pictured in this article.

After purchasing the blanket, I confirmed that I had made the right choice in buying a Wilde blanket.  Ed provided me with a period correct medallion as well as the history of the blanket I was buying.  My blanket (pictured) was copied from textile fragments excavated from a well on the site of Henry Wetherburn’s Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The history behind the blanket alone made the purchase worth every dollar.  Ed Wilde also writes every buyer’s name and address into a register that way they know where every blanket went after leaving their hands.

Ed Wilde, who was a pleasure to conduct business with, informed me that I was probably buying just in time.  Unfortunately, years of weaving is starting to physically catch up with CJ and Ed informed me that she will no longer be weaving blankets.  I was hoping the Wilde’s would change their minds but after checking the Wilde Weavery web site today, the realization sunk in.  Their web site shows all Wilde blankets are officially sold out.

Although, you may not be able to purchase a hand woven blanket from the Wilde’s, they do offer several other items for sale.  The list includes: shooting bags, knapsacks, haversacks, sashes, straps, leg ties and others.  Trust me when I say the craftsmanship that went into their blankets is extended into their other items.  The same day I purchased the blanket, I also purchased a knapsack.  The knapsack has became one of my favorite pieces of gear.

You may visit the Wilde Weavery web site by clicking on or give them a call at 417-998-6005.

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6 thoughts on “Do you own a Wilde blanket?

  • Tim L. Jarvis
    Tim L. Jarvis

    Every once in a while, a Wilde will come up for sale, but they are generally pretty expensive. Tony Baker is weaving blankets and I am told the quality is very good. He can be contacted at 765-517-2515 or at Also, Janice and Hunter Hensley and they may be reached at 859-792-9074 or Good luck!

  • owen

    CJ’s last matchcoat/blanket was made for me. I am very plaesed with it. My wife leaves it on the couch year round and it is a fight to take it to an outing. I would like to talk with Tony baker, does he have a web site?

  • Chris Crosby (Lost Road Ranch)


    Thanks for the great info on CJ’s blankets, I have been researching them for quite some time, and hot on the trail of tracking one down that I could talk someone out of. Found one, price was agreed upon, hefty investment, but worth every penny. Never thought I could get so excited about a blanket. Can’t wait to put it the test on the trail this Winter, and see if I’m still tough enough for the “one blanket” trek.

    p.s. I’m really enjoying your site, nicely done Sir!!

    Chris Crosby

  • Tim L. Jarvis
    Tim L. Jarvis

    Thank you Chris for your kind words. CJ’s blankets are definitely a worthwhile investment. Wish I had bought many more when the chance was there.