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A friend of mine was telling me about a new elk fur he recently acquired from a company out of Eureka, Montana known as Glacier Wear.  I did some research into the Glacier Wear company and have been very impressed with what I have found.

Owners, Randy and Colleen have been involved in the fur industry for 20 plus years.  Each fur is hand selected and graded for quality with meticulous attention to detail.  All furs are backed by a 100% guarantee.  I have compared Glacier Wear’s prices to other companies and the pricing is either comparable or in most cases better.

Glacier Wear offers tanned furs in elk, deer, fox, beaver, bear, coyote, rabbit and many others.  The elk is even offered in brain tan leather.

If you are like me and either don’t have the time or the skill level to tan your own hides then I would highly suggest you check out Glacier Wear by clicking on

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3 thoughts on “Glacier Wear Furs

  • Kris Kelley

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking for a dependable place to buy tanned fur from.

  • Bob Rhoto

    hello, I mailed you a letter inquiring about purchasing some coyote tails like I bought from you on Ebay a while back, I am looking for 100 tanned coyote tails to sell as a fund raiser for my trapping club, Southwest Fur Harvesters in Arizona. if you have any available of will have some available, can you contact me at Thank you