Journey to the Past

Keeper-of-the-Genesee-Valley“…set him in the midst of a boundless forest, a thousand miles from an inhabitant, he is by no means at a loss, nor in the smallest degree dismayed.  With his rifle he procures his subsistence; with his tomahawk he erects his shelter… he drinks at the crystal spring, or the nearest brook; his wants are all easily supplied, he is contented, he is happy.”

Journey to the Past is a section devoted to excerpts from my actual journal kept while out on the trail.  Many of my writings that appear here have also been published in Muzzleloader Magazine, Journal of the Early Americas, and Muzzle Blasts.

Journey to the Past

Entry #1 – The Turkey Before the Storm 

Entry #2 – The Natural Shelter

Entry #3 – Primitive Hunt on Kaskaskia Lands   

There are many more completed articles waiting to be published here