Lord Nelson’s Gallery – Warriors Trail

Shadows In The ForestI am proud to announce that my new book Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley is now available in its second print run.  The first print run sold out in less than two months and the limited edition hardbacks sold out in less than a month.  I graciously thank everyone for their continued support.  

I am also very proud to announce that Shadows In The Forest may now be purchased through Lord Nelson’s Gallery.  This is one of my bigger literary achievements. 

Lord Nelson’s Gallery is located in historic Gettysburg, PA. About one half of the gallery is devoted to wildlife, nostalgic, and handcrafted art, gifts, and accessories. The other half is what they’re best known for, the country’s largest exhibitor of Eastern Indian/Frontier art of the French & Indian War period with an equally impressive collection of related books and fine accoutrements.

You’ll find artwork by John Buxton, Robert Griffing, Doug Hall, David Wright, Pamela Patrick White, Carl Brenders, John Weiss, Heide Presse, Dean Morrissey, Jason Tako, Mark Hopkins, Wayne Hyde and more (and now me!). You’ll find their work in the gallery section of the site.

Shadows In The Forest is available directly through the author (signed), Lord Nelson’s Gallery, Muzzleloader Magazine, The Log Cabin Shop, Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book sellers. 

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