deer hunting

Primitive Hunt On Kaskaskia Lands (Journey to the Past) – Warriors Trail 1

It was still pitch black in the dense Illinois forest on this cool, late fall morning as the Kaskaskia hunter moved swiftly and silently through the trees working his way towards a known m8ns8a (whitetail deer) travel route. Every step taken and every breath exhaled was done with precision and skill as to not alert […]

My Deer Hunting Adventure

It was unseasonably warm for a late November day and once the sun began to rise, I expected it would be even warmer.  However, I didn’t think the weather would prevent the deer from going about their usual routine during this mornings hunt. I had previously scouted the area and located a good trail where […]

Brain Tanning A Deer Hide

Where I live, deer season (archery) is in full swing and deer season (shotgun & muzzleloader) is rapidly approaching.  For any hunters who have ever wanted to brain tan their own deer hide or improve upon it, I found a really good instructional video on the step by step instructions on the tanning process.  The video […]