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Shadows In The Forest – Available Now – Warriors Trail

Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley is available now! “While by no means an exhaustive examination or discussion of woodland culture or living history practices, his work is both a handy historical resource and a practical “how-to” guide that combines the best of both worlds. Anyone interested in eighteenth-century native culture […]

Andrew Knez Jr. Traditional Art 1

In the market for Eastern Frontier Art?  Let me highly recommend the artwork of traditional frontier artist Andrew Knez Jr.  Andy does not want his work to be viewed as art only, but as a true window into their place and time.  His material comes from extensive research into period journals, diaries and archival records.  Andy has […]

This Day In History (Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa)

“On this day in 1763, Major Henry Gladwin, British commander of Fort Detroit, foils Ottawa Chief Pontiac’s attempt at a surprise attack.  Romantic lore holds that Gladwin’s Seneca mistress informed him of the western Indians’ plans for an uprising. When Pontiac arrived at the fort with his men, who were concealing weapons under their trading […]

“Post Battle Meditation”

The digital art print “Post Battle Meditation” is now available.  Click the “Digital Art Prints” link for purchasing information. This French allied Woodland Indian sits outside the stockade walls, while reflecting upon a previous engagement with British soldiers.  He is showing off his spoils of war, wearing a British regimental coat, while enjoying some tobacco.

Proposed Native Village At Fort DeChartres

Attached are the artist rendering proposals for the new Indian village at Fort DeChartres.  I for one, really like the location change.  It will move us out of the mosquito swamp.  The attached images aren’t of the best quality, but it will give you an idea.

Eastern Woodland Quill Work & Turkey Feather Roaches (Not Documented)

I posted an article back in November about a friend of mine (Dean Pelewa Evans) that is making very nice turkey feather roaches for Native American reenactors.  I  wanted to post the information again since the site has grown considerably since that time. In addition, I wanted to commend Pelewa’s wife (Amanda Evans) for her incomparable quill work that […]