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Primitive Hunt On Kaskaskia Lands (Journey to the Past) – Warriors Trail 1

It was still pitch black in the dense Illinois forest on this cool, late fall morning as the Kaskaskia hunter moved swiftly and silently through the trees working his way towards a known m8ns8a (whitetail deer) travel route. Every step taken and every breath exhaled was done with precision and skill as to not alert […]

Trekker’s Candle 2

Trekker’s Candle – $5.00 100% Pure Beeswax.  Fits well in your possibles bag, haversack, knapsack, etc…  Can be used as a candle or for waterproofing.  The candle tins are 2 5/8″ in diameter and 7/8″ in depth. Unfortunately, the cheapest I can ship these for is $4.00.  I can ship multiple candles for the same […]

Video Series (DVD)

Warrior’s Trail is going to be starting a video series in the near future that will be available on DVD.  The video series will cover different “aspects” and “know hows” of historical trekking and living history re-enacting. If anyone has a particular skill that you would like to demonstrate for the video series, please let […]

Turkey Wing Bone Call

I know this may be repetitive for some of my readers but since it is spring turkey hunting season in most places, I thought I would share information on how to make your own custom turkey call out of a turkey wing bone.  I have used this method and it works pretty well. There are […]

Food For The Trail “Hardtack” 1

I know most of you are probably familiar with the popular trail food, hardtack.  However, I was recently asked if I have ever eaten any, which I have, so I decided to write up a short post about it. Hardtack is basically a type of biscuit or cracker as you can see by the picture. […]

Historical Trekking – Hygiene

Recently, a member of this site posted a question in the open forum about hygiene while trekking.  There were no responses given so I thought I would address the question the best that I could in this post.  If anyone has any different opinions, please give them in the forum. As with anything else, I […]

What is your persona?

Whether you are involved with living history events, historical trekking or both, you have probably worked on and developed a persona.  I am interested in hearing what that persona is and why you chose it. Doesn’t matter if you are representing a certain Native tribe, longhunter, voyageur or part of a military regiment, I want […]

Food For The Trail – Hasty Pudding

Hasty pudding makes an excellent quick meal while out on the trail.  Hasty pudding is documented as far back as the 16th century.  It was a very popular meal with F&I and Revolutionary War soldiers while on campaign as well as longhunters and voyageurs while out on the trail.  Native Americans had their own version […]

Random Shots

A very nice lady by the name of Rose Evans made me a new shirt for my Eastern Woodland Indian persona.  Getting a new shirt gave me an excuse to go out onto my property and take a bunch of new pictures.  Check them out if you wish.  They are under “photogallery” – “random shots”. […]

The Snapsack

The snapsack is documented back to the 1600’s and was still very much used throughout the French & Indian War time period. Documentation shows that the snapsack was a regular piece of equipment for both the British and French soldiers.  With some slight variation, civilians also made use out of the snapsack. The snapsack, as […]